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The school principal will convene parents-teacher-meeting time to discuss the factors needed to improve the academic status of the students. Regulations for students & Guardians:-

  • The student is strictly directed to be punctual and attends their classes in the prescribed school uniform only.
  • The attendance must fulfil the requirements for the examinations.
  • Every student must be present in the school on an opening day after each vacation.
  • No student can leave the school campus without prior permission of the principal.
  • Guardian father’s consent must be prescribed to the office before any kind of leave if desired.
  • For long leave from the school, prior consent of the principal must be acquired.
  • Absence on the day of any kind of academic importance without prior permission of the principal will be considered against the academic discipline.
  • Participation in the extra curricular activities like Quiz Contest, Essay Contest, Calligraphy, Debate, Painting & Drawing, Dancing and Personality Test of all students compulsorily expected.
  • Guardians must visit the office in case of academic queries about their word.
  • Proper guideline facility for the student must be managed at home to follow the school teaching. The help of the institution may be sought in this connection if needed.

The teaching of every day must be watched and the student should be encouraged and inspired to strive much for perfection.