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Let Us Take This Pledge Together And Practice In Life:

This Sr. Sec. Delhi Public School is My School Family/ Parents/teachers/staffs/sub-staffs/students/ and all our well-wishers/ are/ members of this loving family./ I shall always/ cultivate/ good/ moral character. Hence I pledge/ to be decent/polite/truthful and dignified in my behavior/ in the school/ and outside/ as well/. I Promise/ to be friendly/ with one another/ in/ and out of the school./ I promise/ to avoid/vulgarity/ in and out/ in our talk/ and behavior/ thus uphold/ each other’s dignity/ as persons./ I promise/ to accept/ whatever work/ is assigned/ as our/ rightful share./ I promise/ to offer help/ to the needy./ Moreover/cultivate love/gratitude/ and respect for my teachers/ parents/ elders/and companions./ I shall abide by the rules/ and regulations/ of the school/ and follow the directions/ and instructions./ I promise/ to stand up/ when Father,/ Principal,/ Vice Principal,/ Parents,/ Dignitaries/ or Elders/ enters/ or passes through/ in which they happens to be./ And also /I promise/ to greet/ all our members/ wherever they meet./ I promise/ to be courteous/ and sportsman like/ with the opposing teams/ and with the officials./ I promise/ to respect/ the beauty of the school premises/ and to report/ in the office/ any damage/ which they may observe./ I promise/ to avoid/ dropping of papers/ or wastes/ in the School Premises/ and will pick up/ any such paper/ dropped by others./ I promise/ to learn/ and observe/ good manners/ everywhere./ I promise/ to desist/ from writing/ or drawing/ on the black board,/from writing/ or soiling/ the walls/ and furniture./ I promise/ to speak well/ of our School,/ School Management,/ Teachers/ and Mate Friends./ I promise/ to Move gracefully/ and silently/ from the class room/ to play ground,/ labs,/ halls/ and also returns/ in the same manner./ I promise/ to speak English/ with my mate friends/ both seniors/ and juniors,/ and also/ I will/ encourage them/ and correct them/ whenever they speak wrong./ I promise/ to keep up/ my school’s identity/ through my honesty/ and humanism./ My contentment/ shall be/ in everyone’s/ well being/ and in attaining/ a life/ sublime/ now/ and forever more./